All eyes on us

They’re watching! Since Bill C-51 passed earlier this year, the Canadian government has gained unprecedented access to what we say and do and where we go.

Scary, right?

With a new federal government, its time to tell Justin Trudeau and our new MPs that we want Bill C-51 repealed. 


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We didn’t ask for the bill

On January 30, 2015, former PM Harper’s Conservative government introduced Bill C-51, also known as the “Anti-terrorist Act,” as a response to terror attacks in Canada and France.

On the surface, the bill was said to keep Canadians safe from jihadist acts of terror. But in reality, it denies rights to privacy, speech, and social dissent. With a fast track to the vote, there was little time to discuss, debate and understand the bill’s ramifications.

Despite strong objections from Canadians, Bill C-51 passed into law in May 2015 with the support of both Conservative and Liberal MPs.

During the 2015 federal election, Justin Trudeau's Liberals pledged to "repeal the problematic elements of Bill C-51". Let's let him know this isn't good enough. We want Bill C-51 repealed.

Tell Justin Trudeau to repeal C-51!

Oh, Big Brother.

Bill C-51 is the kind of stuff dystopian sci-fi literature has been warning us about. The new powers it gives the government are unheard of in Canadian history.

Like what? Well, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) now has the power to do more than just collect information. It can take an active role in interfering with perceived terrorist plans, including stopping travel plans and bank transactions if they believe a security threat may exist.

Government departments can now exchange citizens’ confidential information, health records and tax returns. What you say and post on social media can not only be monitored, but also censored. Canadians can become the targets of increased surveillance if involved in protests deemed unlawful and added to “no fly” lists if even only suspected of being involved in terrorism.

Tell Justin Trudeau to repeal C-51!

Our eyes are open

We see that this could be our last chance to stop Bill C-51 from becoming part of Canadian law forever. Let’s use our voices to protect the freedom of Canadians and prevent attacks on our friends and neighbours.

Tell Justin Trudeau to repeal C-51!