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With a new federal government, its time to tell Justin Trudeau and our new MPs that we want Bill C-51 repealed.

How did this happen?

On January 30, 2015, former PM Harper’s Conservative government introduced Bill C-51, also known as the “Anti-terrorist Act.”

They claimed the bill was designed to keep Canadians safe from acts of terror. But in reality, it has given the government more access to Canadians’ private lives and interference in our daily actions than ever before.

The vague language it contains leaves much to interpretation, which has many Canadians afraid of what it could mean for our freedom of speech and right to peaceful protest.

However, the vote on Bill C-51 was rushed through with little time to discuss, debate or understand what it all meant.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

Since Conservatives and Liberals helped Bill C-51 get passed in May 2015, the government has gained unprecedented access to what we say and do and where we go, including:

  • An active role for CSIS in interfering with perceived terrorist plans, including stopping travel plans and bank transactions
  • Exchange of citizens’ confidential information, health records and tax returns between government departments
  • Monitoring and censorship of what we say on social media
  • Increased surveillance of Canadians involved in protests deemed unlawful
  • Canadians added to “no fly” lists if even only suspected of being involved in terrorism 

It's not too late.

Let’s stick together and tell Justin Trudeau and our new Members of Parliament that we want freedom now. We want our privacy. We want Bill C-51 repealed.